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I am a self-taught photographer.  For my eighteenth birthday, my father sent me to Jack’s Camera store in Philadelphia to buy a Polaroid camera.  I am eternally grateful to Jack for sending me home instead, with a Konica 35 mm rangefinder camera and a book.  So began a lifelong passion for photography that helps me to see and appreciate the beauty of this world.  While I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some very beautiful places, I try not to rely on exotic locations.  Most of my photographs are taken within a few miles from home.  I’ve taken some of my best images, literally in my own backyard.  I find it immensely satisfying to capture an image of an everyday subject or scene that conveys to someone else the beauty or the emotion that I experienced at that moment.

These days, I capture images digitally in camera RAW format, which I consider to be a “digital negative”.  To make the print, I process each image using only software tools and processes equivalent to traditional darkroom techniques.  I work primarily with exposure, contrast, color balance, and saturation.

I personally print each image on fine art professional papers with archival quality pigment inks.  I hand mat each image using conservation quality acid-free mat boards and foam core backing boards.

Frames are solid wood, made and assembled in the USA with conservation grade UV filtering Acrylic glazing.  Lighter than glass and impact resistant, this glazing filters 99% of damaging UV light.


Vince Burke Photography
Birdsboro, PA

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